The Plus side of Long Distance Caregiving…What you can  do to ease the pain of separation when you aren’t there everyday.

1. Let your loved one know you are still there for him or her.

2. Call frequently. Hold normal conversations. Do not focus on the disease. Do talk about what is happening with friends and family.

3. Play their favorite music over the phone.

4. Share sources of calmness that may ease their path.

5. Read aloud – poetry or stories they would enjoy.

6. E-mail jokes, funny stories, pieces of relevant information, inspirational messages.

7. Arrange an electronic chat room with additional friends communicating.

8. Mail surprise packages –  musical CDs, movies, books, crossword puzzles, easy to handle crafts.

9. Send a bouquet of balloons. Have a clown deliver the gift.

10. Share fun memories the two of you have enjoyed together.


Lois Young-Tulin

Lois Young-Tulin, PhD, is an Assistant Geriatric Care Manager at Complete Care Strategies