As we celebrate Pride Month, it’s important to recognize the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals as they navigate aging. Sadly, many LGBTQ+ elders face discrimination, social isolation, and barriers to accessing culturally competent care. That’s where Aging Life Care Managers can make a profound difference.
We are professional advocates and guides dedicated to ensuring LGBTQ+ seniors can age with dignity, respect, and the highest quality of life possible. Our Person-Centered approach keeps your identities, values, and preferences at the forefront as we coordinate a comprehensive plan of care.

How We Support LGBTQ+ Elders:

🌈 Connecting you to LGBTQ+ inclusive housing, assisted living, and long-term care options that celebrate diversity
🌈 Facilitating access to LGBTQ+ affirming medical and mental health providers
🌈 Advocating for your rights and wishes in care settings
🌈 Counseling families on how to create an accepting environment for their LGBTQ+ loved ones
🌈 Locating LGBTQ+ social services, support groups, and community resources
🌈 Helping navigate complex financial/legal matters with cultural competency
At Complete Care Strategies, we understand that LGBTQ+ seniors fought long battles for equality and acceptance. We’re honored to walk alongside you through this new stage of your journey, ensuring you receive personalized care that honors your vibrant identity.

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About the Author

As CEO of Complete Care Strategies, Rebecca Roskey-Brunner leverages over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and Certified Care Manager to serve clients with special needs, the medically complex, and older adults facing health challenges to improve their quality of life. As an Aging Life Care Professional, Rebecca brings deep expertise in individualized care planning, dementia care, care coordination, and crisis prevention for vulnerable seniors.