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Many families make the mistake of basing their decisions on the experiences of friends, acquaintances, or other family members. At Complete Care Strategies, we know that each family has its own unique set of needs, resources and emotions. As a neutral party, we can serve as an unbiased counselor and help resolve differing points of view. We can also act as a liaison to other family members, including those who don’t live in the Philadelphia area.

We use our in home care knowledge and experience to evaluate the best options for you, and then craft an individualized care plan. This involves an assessment and evaluation of physical, emotional, legal and financial needs.

There are no “right” answers. Rather, we focus upon workable solutions that make sense based upon your situation. We may present you with solutions that you have not considered. That’s one way we know that we are doing our job. Our goal is to remain flexible and always think outside the box.

Dealing with a loved one who is aging or confronting chronic health issues can be challenging. Complete Care Strategies is here to help. Rely on us for resources regarding senior care, home care assistance, and patient advocacy in the Philadelphia area.

Articles by Beverly Bernstein Joie

My Mother’s Keeper: The Eye Doctor Appointment

Published in Today’s Caregiver and, July/August 2007

For the past several years, my step-sister had been taking my mom to see the ophthalmologist. They had their routine – Cindy would drop her off for the appointment and then pick her up after it. Then, last spring, Mom called to ask if I could step in because Cindy was unavailable to help her. I was actually pleased that I would have the opportunity to see what the doctor had to say.
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See the article as it appeared in Today’s Caregiver magazine (PDF, 1.3MB)

Care: Geriatric Care Managers Build the Bridge

Reprinted from Assisted Living Today, Jan/Feb 2001

By bringing families together with appropriate long-term care environments and educating clients about options, geriatric care managers help seniors find the most appropriate solutions…Read More

Elder Law: Geriatric Care Managers Build the Bridge.

Beverly Bernstein Joie presented the following when she was a panelist at the 6th Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s 6th Annual Legal Issues in an Age of Aging seminar.

Numerous elder law practices have incorporated geriatric care management as an integral component of their practice…Read More

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