Client/Patient Advocacy


Complete Care Strategies’ Patient Advocacy services provide compassionate, practical and affordable care for your disabled or chronically ill family member or client. We also manage individuals with mental health issues and substance abuse challenges. Our team of certified patient advocates, expert care managers, nurses, and other certified professionals:

  • helps you deal with the complexity of the health care system and the myriad of choices to be made.
  • ensures that clients get the services they need, when they need them.
  • manages every possible need and contingency, from legal matters and bill paying to insurance company

That’s because we know how to ask the right questions.

We start by reviewing medical findings and treatment options. Working with families, trust administrators, guardians, and attorneys, we decide how to proceed and then develop a Care Plan that will ensure the best client outcome.

Throughout the entire cycle of care, Complete Care Strategies works with the patient, family members and medical personnel to ease the process and offer support.


  • Design and implement care and living plans
  • Provide elder care advice and care management for people of all ages
  • Analyze and choose appropriate services
  • Function as the “point person” for all requests, problems, concerns and needs
  • Address quality-of-life issues

Our certified patient advocates and one of our patients.


  • Identify medical specialists appropriate for superior health care and second opinions
  • Offer concierge health care services
  • Access alternative medical providers
  • Identify a professional personal care assistant to suit your specific needs


  • Interface with insurance providers to ensure that clients receive the maximum benefit
  • Obtain relevant entitlements
  • Work within the parameters of special needs trusts or community resources
  • Maintain communication among trust officers, client and family

At Complete Care Strategies, our holistic approach promotes healthy living and access to the most advanced levels of care, no matter where the client lives or how extensive the needs may be. We’ll do whatever it takes to maximize an individual’s health and well being.

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