Certified Geriatric Care Managers

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As a professional elderly care agency, we rely on our Certified Geriatric Care Managers expertise and experience to help you:

  • address the changes confronting your family because of an elderly parent’s increased needs.
  • face the challenges presented by a health and human services system that does not always know the best way to respond to problems associated with aging.
  • deal with those changes and challenges with knowledge, sensitivity, and attention to your wishes and those of your loved ones.

At Complete Care Strategies, our goal is to help your loved one achieve and preserve the best possible quality of life, while making the most effective use of existing resources for seniors in the Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, including Chester, Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery Counties as well as Main Line Philadelphia. We are an interdisciplinary team of geriatric social workers, nurses, counselors and Certified Geriatric Care Managers who work in concert to address both physical and cognitive issues. Each client and each situation are unique. Our Care Managers are matched to your needs.


We Create and Carry Out the Right GERIATRIC CARE Plan

We begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine individual needs. We develop a Comprehensive Care Plan, which documents the level of care required and the care options to be considered. Staying at home – safely – is always our primary goal. If circumstances dictate otherwise, we’ll evaluate alternative living options and assist with the placement, the admissions process, and the details of moving. We have ready access to the myriad of resources that are available for seniors. Our vast referral network manages every possible need and contingency – from legal matters and bill paying to insurance company denials and complementary health care providers. Complete Care Strategies serves as the “eyes and ears” for your family, whether you live close by or far away. We manage care at the client’s home and in facilities, accompany clients to doctors’ appointments, and communicate with families about the daily life and care their loved one is receiving. Studies show that when chronic health conditions are managed by professional Care Managers, there is a marked reduction in re-hospitalizations and emergency room visits.


What Our Geriatric Care Managers Do


  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment
  • Evaluate options, with a focus on safety and environmental issues
  • Develop, coordinate and implement a professional Care Plan
  • Help select an appropriate placement and assist with the admissions process and move in the event that home care is no longer appropriate.


  • Function as the “point person” for all requests, problems, concerns and needs
  • Address quality-of-life issues
  • Hold family meetings to support optimal decision-making and family involvement
  • Conduct home safety inspections
  • Offer ongoing coaching to support family caregivers
  • Make home visits to supervise home care, and to assess client’s medical status
  • Advocate to represent the client’s best interest and to make certain the senior living community is following protocol.


  • Coordinate medical care among physicians
  • Meet with discharge planners to design modifications to the Care Plan
  • Accompany clients to physician appointments and report findings to family members
  • Supervise medications
  • Manage specific chronic diseases, such as Diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s disease and dementia
  • Review treatment plans
  • Make referrals for physician specialists, physical therapists, adult day services, durable medical equipment companies, etc.


  • Identify benefits to which the client is entitled
  • Coordinate the payment of insurance benefits, Medicare and entitlements
  • Manage costs in order to provide care that is economically feasible
  • Make referrals for elder law attorneys, financial planners, etc.

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