Senior Transition Services


Transitioning into a nursing home, assisted living or independent living community can be daunting for many reasons. It may be that you are unclear about the level of care required; facility contracts are confusing; and there are so many choices that only make matters more complicated. The financial considerations are daunting and there is no room for error. Complete Care Strategies serves Philadelphia and surrounding areas to help seniors transition into their next stage of life. It is our job to keep our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly changing senior living world.

We know that senior living options are dependent upon level of care needs, finances, and the highest quality care that a selected community can provide. Eliminate the stress and inconveniences of the big move – learn what to expect and be prepared ahead of time. Transitions can be made much simpler when you know the ins and outs of a selected community and the selection is tailored to address your loved one’s specific situation. Reach out to our team today so we can get you the guidance you need to alleviate the weight of transitioning your elderly loved one.


We Find You the Help You Need

Our team of certified care managers, nurses and social workers are here to help! We want to make the senior transition process as pain free as possible and allow you to experience the confidence in making an informed choice. This is simply the next chapter in your loved one’s life and can be satisfying when it is informed. We are here to help you make this a positive experience.

When you reach out to Complete Care Strategies, we will refer you to trusted local senior transition companies. Our team approach provides you with a myriad of services that will reduce stress and facilitate a positive outcome. You deserve the proper care and guidance while maintaining control of the process.


Ways a Senior Transition Company Can Help

  • Downsizing a home that was inhabited for decades (disposing of items or helping prepare home to sell).
  • Help coach families to prepare both mentally and physically for the new residence.
  • Create strategies to help manage expectations for both the senior and family members involved in the process.
  • Communicate and facilitate timelines to keep everything moving at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm anyone by going too fast, but also doesn’t drag on for too long.


Tips for Helping Seniors Transition into a New Living Situation

  • Work with an Aging Life Care Professional to find the right community to meet their needs and desires.
  • Do your research on the community beforehand, not all facilities are the same.
  • Make sure your loved one is involved in the process, give them a voice in the decision-making process.
  • Be present, don’t let your loved one feel abandoned. Visit often and stay connected with them.
  • Help them get involved in their new community. Join them in some of the activities offered, give them support while they get to know their new residency.
  • Keep them connected to their previous lifestyle with old friends and outings to their favorite stores and restaurants.
  • Help make their new place feel like home, bring comfort ideas and specific memory filled items to have close by to help ease the transition.


Take The First Step

Fill out the below form today to reach out to our team at Complete Care Strategies. We are here to provide the support you need in the transition process. Together we can identify your loved ones’ care needs and help to determine the best course of action moving forward.