May is National Aging Life Care Month. What the heck is that, you ask?  Odds are you know what it is but maybe not what to call it…until you desperately need it.

By practice, the Aging Life Care professionals, like us and others at Complete Care Strategies, are problem solvers, good listeners, caregivers, coaches, counselors, mediators, nurses, negotiators, advocates, social workers, researchers and creative thinkers.  We wear many hats.

And, by definition:

“Aging Life Care™, also known as geriatric care management or senior care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. Working with families, the expertise of Aging Life Care Professionals provides the answers at a time of uncertainty.”

 But, ultimately, there are three critical roles that make us invaluable to families caring for their aging loved ones.

 The Crisis Manager:  ANSWERS.  At a time of UNCERTAINTY.

When families first come to us, they are uncertain and often facing a time of crisis.  They have never dealt with these issues and are in a panic. Frequently, they want to know:

  • Should Mom continue to live at home?
  • How can we make that possible?
  • How can we be sure she is safe?
  • What resources and care does she need, day to day?
  • What does this diagnosis mean for her quality of life?
  • What benefits is she entitled to?
  • How can we be sure that the doctor’s orders are carried out at home?
  • Who will manage her finances?

It is no wonder that families are, many times, in crisis when they first reach out for help. This “care puzzle” can be incredibly complex with many moving parts, involving the coordination of legal, financial, medical, non-medical and governmental resources.  It’s our job to bring all the pieces together and make sure they are working in sync.

We accompany families through this transition.  Help you, step by step, to assess your loved one’s situation, how it might change over time, evaluate available options and deploy our trusted network of resources. Our goal for each family is to find a solution that provides the best possible quality of life and gives family members peace of mind that an optimal plan is in place.

The Industry Insider: EXPERTISE…When you need it the most.

Since 2000, we’ve seen every possible scenario, planned for every possible contingency that families face when they are caring for an aging loved one.

During this time, we’ve amassed a world class referral network including our in-home caregivers, occupational and physical therapists, elder law attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, home services providers that we have fully vetted and rely on, frequently, to assist our clients.

The Mediator: WORKING WITH FAMILIES To Find Peaceful & Compassionate Solutions.

Making decisions for your aging parent can come with a good deal of conflict when there are differing points of view among family members.  Also, often your loved one doesn’t think they need help.  They are experiencing fear and anxiety related to the loss of independence, the loss of the life and people closest to them.

As a neutral party, we are heard because we are not a stakeholder in any outcome but the client’s best interest. Our family interventions often lead to peaceful solutions that each family member can uphold.

The expertise of Aging Life Care professionals is an invaluable resource to families caring for aging loved ones.  And we are honored to be celebrated during Aging Life Care month, because we are passionate about our work.  If you are in need, visit to find an Aging Life Care expert in your area.  Give yourself and your family the peace of mind that your loved one’s care is in the hands of an Aging Life Care expert!

Beverly Bernstein Joie is the founder and president of Complete Care Strategies, a senior care management company serving Philadelphia and its surrounding communities.  A Certified Aging Life Care Manager with more than 20 years of experience, Beverly has worked in senior care since 1994, both in assisted living communities and in private practice. She is a member of the Aging Life Care Association and was a former president of the Philadelphia Chapter.