What distinguishes personalized care from standard care is the love and empathy for a client by his caregiver.

On our client’s 83rd birthday, our Complete Care Strategies’ caregiver, Sunzarae Wiggens, and our Director of Nursing, Ellen Glavin, helped him celebrate in style!

Sunzarae decorated his room while he was at lunch. She purchased a cake, treats and a few books for him. She also hand-crocheted a blanket for him as a personal gift. Ellen made his favorite red-velvet cupcakes for him and, knowing he is an avid reader, bought him several mystery books and large crossword puzzle books. They certainly surprised him with some of his favorite things as seen by the gifts piled on his bed.

His favorite aides from the facility where he lives joined the celebration by singing Happy Birthday and participating in photos. But the “piece de resistance” was the love that went into the hand-made blanket in his favorite color – green. Sunzarae went that extra mile. Our client was delighted with the gift and he immediately put it to good use.

 Then Ellen’s own father also called to say that he had created a hand-made gift, pictured here.

Our client felt special and definitely loved. Love is about delicate, intuitive sensing. Our caregiver responded intuitively to her client, for his need to have his birthday remembered and celebrated. She treated her client with respect, dignity and caring. Most importantly, they had fun!

Indeed, the day stands out as an example of a “Firm of Endearments”…employee involvement. Kudos to our employee, Sunzarae, who volunteered her time and talents to bring happiness to a client.

Lois Young-Tulin

Lois Young-Tulin, PhD, is an Assistant Geriatric Care Manager at Complete Care Strategies