Artist Studio, Adult Day Care

Adult Day Care Helps Seniors Stay Active

As we age, our need for daily activity does not decrease.  In fact, it becomes more important. Adult Day Services recognize this need and have created a center where older adults living at home can come and enjoy social and therapeutic activities.

A Special Place for Aging Seniors

Adult Day Services is the destination of choice for adults seeking a caring, stimulating and safe environment to spend their day. Like anyone else, seniors need and deserve an environment that supports their capacity for self-care and encourages positive feelings of dignity, love and self-worth. Caregivers also benefit by having time to work, run the family household or even just relax while their loved one is attending an Adult Day Center.

A Senior’s Personal Story

Sometimes, seniors may be turned off about attending an Adult Day Care Center, and my client, Sally, was no exception. In the beginning, she was reluctant to try something new. The first two weeks she complained that it was “boring.”

Imagine my delight several weeks later when I picked up Sally at the Center, and she was beaming with pride and excitement. She felt like a social butterfly, saying goodbye to her new friends by name and proud of the paint under her fingernails, proof of her art work — a valentine.

Experiences Love and a Social Community

Sally now looks forward to participating in various activities, and socializing with her new friends at the Center. She comes home from a day at the Center energized, satisfied from a hot, nutritious lunch, and chatting about all the fun activities she enjoyed.  “I can’t wait until Thursday when I can go back to the Center,” Sally said the last time I drove her home.  That’s another step for better senior care!

About the Author

Lois Young-Tulin, PhD, is an Assistant Geriatric Care Manager with Complete Care Strategies.