What can you do to ease the pain of separation?

Tips for Long Distance Caregivers:

• Let your loved one know you are always there for him or her.

• Call frequently. Hold normal conversations. Do not focus on the disease. Do talk about what is happening with friends and family.

• Play their favorite music over the phone.

• Share sources of calmness that may ease their path.

• Read aloud – poetry or stories they would enjoy.

• E-mail jokes, funny stories, pieces of relevant information, inspirational messages.

• Arrange an electronic chat room with additional friends communicating.

• Mail surprise packages–musical CDs, movies, books, crossword puzzles, easy to handle     crafts.

• Send a bouquet of balloons. Have a clown deliver the gift.

• Share fun memories the two of you have enjoyed together.


It’s the little things that bring big smiles to those you love.


Lois Young-Tulin

Lois Young-Tulin, PhD, is an Assistant Geriatric Care Manager at Complete Care Strategies