Nancy’s House is Caring for Caregivers

Nancy’s House is a comprehensive approach to respite for family caregivers.  Uniquely designed to address the physical and emotional strains of caregiving, Nancy’s House provides the time and space for a family caregiver to step out of their caregiving role, rest, rejuvenate, and connect with other people who are walking the same path.

A Caregiver’s Community

Nancy’s House builds community among its guests so that, when a caregiver returns home, he or she has a support network in place.

Caregiver’s Time for Personal Self-Care

It provides a retreat from the outside world where the caregiver can relax with yoga, meditation, massage and get two solid nights’ sleep in a serene setting.

Caregivers Receive Support

Individual counseling and referral services are available to address some of the tougher concerns a caregiver may have.

Caregiver’s Care that’s Priceless

If home care is required so that the caregiver can come, Nancy’s House will cover that cost.

No longer isolated or exhaustsed, the caregiver returns home with skills and techniques for better self care, coping strategies, and the knowledge that he/she can come back and be part of a community that understands.

Nancy’s House
440 Deaver Road
Wyncote, PA    19095-1772