Dementia Education and Training


Leading Dementia Care and Training in the Philadelphia Area

Senior living communities face many challenges. Among them is the education and training of staff who provide in-home dementia care. The strength and reputation of a dementia unit is predicated upon a trained staff with supervisors enrolled in a cohesively designed approach to care. Certainly, meeting mandated training requirements is one aspect of any training. But, we also need to consider educated consumers who are seeking communities that distinguish themselves by the sophistication and depth of their dementia program. Ultimately, it is the residents who deserve a staff trained in cutting edge proven technology to meet their needs. Complete Care Strategies is here to provide comprehensive dementia care training and education solutions for the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Dementia Training and Educational Development

Complete Care Strategies offers a customized approach to the delivery of educational training for direct care workers and auxiliary staff including dementia care strategies and solutions. Our training is tailored to the specific needs and challenges within each community. Customized solutions drive behavioral change. Our solutions always support your objectives and goals and lead to measurable results. 

Complete Care Strategies Offers:

  • Comprehensive education and training to satisfy the 12 hour mandatory requirement in increments of 1 – 8 hours at a time
  • Specific modalities depending upon the community’s goals and needs
  • Trouble-shooting interventions
  • Staff supervision

Give your residents the care they deserve! Fill out the contact form below to get started with our dementia care training and education development services. Looking for additional geriatric care solutions? Learn about our comprehensive elder care services.

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