Home Care Coordinator Goes the Extra Mile for Better Senior Care

When prospective clients contact Elder Connections for the first time, Joanne Collier and Shareese Robinson are the first people prospective clients connect to on the other end of the phone line.  These women also staff our home care cases and field concerns when families feel that the caregiver provided is not a match.

Recently, Shareese spoke to one senior, she felt her dismay.  She understood that a change in care was needed and our blind client was fearful about keeping her current caregiver and equally fearful about an unknown individual.  She also knew that a phone call was not sufficient to address her concerns.

Home Care Coordinator Takes Action

Shareese knew what to do.  She identified the perfect caregiver for this special needs client.  She even arranged to transport the caregiver candidate to visit with our senior client – twenty miles away. 

Shareese sat with this woman, holding her hand and allowing her to know all about the new replacement of care — all on her own terms.  She assured the family that they could count on her to make things right. 

Home Care Coordinator Champion for Elder Care

Days later, Shareese Robinson – home care coordinator was moved to tears when a beautiful flower arrangement arrived at the office.  The flowers were sent by our senior client and her daughter.  Attached with a note — they thanked Shareese for her caring concern and that they valued how much meeting her meant to them.  Shareese will leave no stone unturned in her efforts to provide better senior care and they knew it!

Isn’t time you receive better senior care for you aging parent?  Elder Connections is ready to assist — call today!


BY  Beverly Bernstein Joie,  MS, CMC
Elder Connections

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in the Philadelphia Region