What ignites your passion?


As we continue on the journey of life, there are things that we do that capture our spirit in unique ways.  We feel the most alive and aligned with life.


For me, it was giving birth to Complete Care Strategies that gave my passion for caring its self expression.  Doing well by doing good has been our motto.  Being involved with a company that cares for its clients, staff, families, employees and other stakeholders has been the fulfillment of a life’s mission.


In my spare time, it is dance that fulfills that part of me.  Throughout my life, from the time I was 5, it was an activity that has helped my spirit to soar.


What about you?  Is there an activity that gives you pleasure that you have been neglecting?  Are you putting off this activity because you don’t have the time?  There is no time like the present.  As we see every day, life can change in an instant.  Finding pleasure in something is a key component of happiness.  And, happiness will not wait.


As for me, I want to keep dancing!!

Beverly Bernstein Joie

President at Complete Care Strategies