We often get asked, “How can I find good senior homecare services?”  as well as “How do I know whether they’re providing better senior care?”  It can be difficult for families.   A few of us at Elder Connections sat down together and developed a guide and some questions to ask senior homecare services that you are considering to hire.

7  Success Steps to Better Senior Care Hiring

1.  Serve – You’re hiring someone to care and serve your aging parent.   Do you need a caregiver to help with personal care, daily tasks or memory loss services?  Hire a caregiver who serves your elder parent’s needs and preferences for quality living.

2.  Understanding – Learn about the caregiver you’re hiring.  Spend some time with them and your aging loved one.  Get to know them and be clear with your care expectations. 

3.  Commitment – How committed is your caregiver to providing your aging parent with better senior care?  Do they have  long term relationships with previous elder clients?   Are they committed to your aging parent’s happiness in how they deliver care? 

4.  Care, Compassion, Connection –  Is your aging loved one feeling isolated and alone?  Hire a caregiver who embodies the three 3 Cs.  This individual will make all the difference in your senior’s care experience.

5.  Ethics –  Ask for references and follow up.   Hiring a home caregiver is business and background checks are critical in the hiring process.  This step can save you time, money and human resources.

6.  Sovereignty – Does the home caregiver radiate personal excellence?  Having the ability to act upon the best of one’s ability is important for your senior’s care.

7.  Staying power– Change is always difficult for human beings, but for the elderly it’s even more challenging.  Select a homecare provider who demonstrates the staying power – both in good and bad times. 

One Final Point

Whether you or someone else is the caregiver to your aging parent, you still have to possess these great qualities for better senior care.  Elder Connections Home Care Service offers you an opportunity to try their services – risk free! 

Shareese Robinson, Elder Connections Home Care Coordinator, is a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant and maintains certifications in Med Tech, AED, and CPR.  Shareese is a shining force at Elder Connections.  No matter how stressful our day can be, she is always passionate and devoted to the seniors she serves.  Prior to Elder Connections, Shareese worked for 12 years at the Inglis House.