Elder Connections Senior Celebrates 100

Ella Celebrates 100 years

Each birthday is a milestone, and some deserve special attention.   For Ella Reiter, 100 is only a number.  Ella was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on February 2, 1911, where she raised her two children, David and Judy, until moving to The Watermark, a senior retirement living community, in Philadelphia fourteen years ago.

Active Lifestyle Extends Senior Years

At 100, Ella is still active, friendly, and full of energy.  At one time she was in charge of welcoming new residents to the Watermark community.  She is a member of the poetry club and had a poem published in the “Spotlight.”  She is an avid reader, as evidenced by the pile of books next to her bed.

“I never just sat around.  That’s why I’m still strong.  I’ve had a great time my whole life and was an athlete.  I was even on a gymnastics team,” Ellas said.  Her active life in Atlantic City included starting a library in her synagogue, serving as the president of the PTA, Secretary and Treasurer of New Jersey Sisterhoods, and recipient of the Woman of Valor Award.  In addition, Ella ran and worked in her husband’s dental office until she retired at age 75.  To mark her 100th birthday, members of her Atlantic City synagogue, where she is still a member, donated money in her honor.

Aging Refines Better Senior Care

A centennial birthday is a momentous event, one that should be recognized by family and friends, and Ella is blessed with many loving family members and her “new” friends at the Watermark.  Ella celebrated her birthday with close family members — about 16 people.  A favorite with her many nieces and nephews, she is their role model for aging gracefully.

Someone on a road trip looking for the Fountain of Youth may want to stop and ask Ella for directions.  Ella’s zest for life is amazing.  Happy Birthday, Ella!

Lois Young-Tulin, PhD, is an Assistant Geriatric Care Manager with Elder Connections.  She also has a PhD in literature, previously taught at Montgomery County Community College, written four published books and is currently working on a new novel.   Lois enjoyed her visit with Ella on her 100th birthday.