BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC
Elder Connections

Part 4 of Senior, Annabelle’s Travel Trip

A Senior’s Dream Trip Fulfilled with Better Senior Care

“It was beautiful!  I had a wonderful time!” —  Friends and colleagues gathered around her in the park setting close to the ocean’s melodic sounds, Annabelle took her place among her peers.  Colleagues traveled from far and wide to participate in a reunion of  New York’s Newsday journalists.

“They remembered me and said nice things to me,” Annabelle remarked.  “I had two parties during my stay.”

Many seniors live their lives staying put, but not Annabelle Kerins.  This senior’s dream trip was packed with the essentials for better senior care.   Annabelle decided when to visit friends, where to dine and how to relax — the home care and travel details was left to Elder Connections.  And if you’ve been following — this senior will not allow Parkinson’s disease to impede her wish to experience a life of being autonomous and independent.

Your Connection for Better Senior Care

As your Geriatric Care Mangers, we’ll coordinate, provide and obtain the elder care resources necessary to make senior dreams happen.   But, our real work inspires something more for you and your aging parent  — and that’s better senior care.  Are you ready to take your steps with us?  Download your Plan Kit for Better Senior Care.