BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC
President Elder Connections


Defining Better Senior Care

Caring for your aging parent or senior can be one of life’s hardest challenges and also truly most fulfilling.   That’s exactly what our Elder Connections caregivers and van driver discovered while traveling with senior — Annabelle.  For them better senior care is making this senior’s travel dreams come true.

Reunion of Relationships

Annabelle, a former entertainment journalist received a rousing reception when she entered the doors of Newsday.  She was greeted by journalists to a buffet lunch — an event filled with memories.  Even her Elder Connections caregivers and driver were moved by this outpouring of love.  In the face of life’s challenges, the heart of human relationships is the fundamental building block of our humanity.  Annabelle’s body may be effected by Parkinson’s disease, but it can not deter the power of this senior’s life celebration.

This evening’s Reunion will find Allebelle escorted by her three new amigos.  Her caregivers are by her side, helping to transfer, dress her in new clothes, and prepare for the evening — including transportation by her chauffeur.

Is your aging parent in need of better senior care?  Learn from Annabelle, life is for living — and living is one step in defining better senior care. 

What’s next for you and your senior?