BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC
President Elder Connections

adult child caring for elderly parent

Caregiving and Your Wellness

I had the opportunity to participate in a presentation by The Mature Market Institute, a division of Met Life at the East Coast Society of Aging Conference. What I learned was perplexing and precipitated much thought about the care of an aging relative.

Caregiver Stress
While family care giving can be a very satisfying job, those who become primary caregivers for their aging parent must understand that doing so will impact many aspects of their lives — including work, home and family.  This data was developed from the responses of more than 8,000 family caregivers.  The results demonstrate the impact stress can have on family caregivers and they illustrate why it’s important to tap into resources that can provide help or support for better senior care.


Caregiver Survey Results

  •  82% Say the amount of care their aging parent or relative requires is very demanding
  •  76% Agree that their loved one’s needs are overwhelming
  • 56% Seem to be getting ill more frequently
  • 73% Have disturbed sleep patterns
  • 72% Believe their family and friends think they are getting too stressed out
  • 63% Say caregiving is taking a toll on their family life
  • 53% Say caregiving is taking a toll on their job
  • 76% Resent (at least occasionally) having to care for this relative

Caregiver Resources

Whether balancing the requirements of a child or a senior, caring pulls us away from the other tasks in life and creates anxiety and tension.  How we manage our families, our jobs, and maintain our health can often determine how we can optimally keep all the balls up in the air.   Your solution is only a click away with the Better Senior Care Resource Guide. Resources, tips, and solutions to help you achieve better senior care.