BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS CMC
President Elder Connections

In tribute to the memory of Goldie Goldberg Fastman, the Caregiver’s Lifeline has contributed her artwork to Elder Connections’ client Jean Vasaturo.

Hearts of Giving

As I reflect on my goal to keep my mother’s memory alive, I know how the gift of giving to others is the key to her legacy.  The circle of life continues through the heart of giving.

Our first mission is to use the objects that lived with my mom to help to create a new home for Jean and to forward better senior care through these gifts.

Senior Redefines Her Home

Our home is our anchor and Jean has been living without one.

Jean Vasaturo is a resident at an assisted care community in the Philadelphia area.  Jean has had a difficult adjustment to her community and has been yearning to return to her home since we placed her in assisted care.  Unfortunately, her health issues preclude her from returning to her former single  family home.

Jean has resisted moving her belongings to her new residence.  Her apartament is void of warmth and the walls are bare.  Jean was honored when I shared with her my goal of giving her my mom’s wall decorations.

Better Senior Care is in the Art

Jean expressed enthusiasm about receiving this “borrowed” artwork.  Although, she was not willing to obtain new things or take those from her home, this was a gift that she could embrace.  Jean understands the gift of giving and better senior care will no doubt be the result.

What You Can Do

Share art from your heart to your aging parent.   This simple gift is full of riches and may be part of your plan for better senior care for your loved one.