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BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie,  MS, CMC
President Elder Connections


Women Caregivers Carry the Burden for Alzheimer’s Disease

The recent Shriver Report published by Maria Shriver is a call to action particularly for women.  According to The Shriver Report, 66% of Alzheimer’s patients and over 60% of Alzheimer’s caregivers are women.  The toll on women is astonishing and particularly for those in the workplace.  Getting to work late, leaving early, and managing their children and family equates to high emotional and physical stress.

Of particular concern is the amount of dollars set aside for the upcoming epidemic that will cost us an estimated 1 trillion dollars if we don’t do something about it NOW!  According to the report, the federal government spends $6 billion for cancer research, $4 billion for cardiovascular disease, and $3 billion for HIV/AIDS research.  The total allocated for finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease is just almost $500 million.

Elder Connections Takes A Stand Against Alzheimer’s Disease

At Elder Connections, we are always overwhelmed by the experiences of our clients and their families as they deal with Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementias every day.  We accompany them through the process and provide the services and expertise to manage their care.   But, we are helpless in mitigating the loss of someone they love as they slip away from themselves and those who love them.

Elder Connections Contributes Funds to Alzheimer’s Association

We are ready to take a stand to do something about Alzheimer’s and we need you.  Tell us YOUR story about living with Alzheimer’s or other Dementias.  Inform us about your experience and share it with others caring for their own family member. We will contribute $20 (for the first 25 stories) to the Alzheimer’s Association in their name just for sharing your story.  Hopefully, it will help others and raise our consciousness to unite against a future we can change – together.

An Elder Connections Invitation

JOIN US!!  Your stories will be posted on our site with your permission.  
Email your story to:  bbjoie@elderconnections.net